Fees for investors made clearer as Investment Association joins Investor Platform to launch transparency calculator

Industry Investment Association, EIS Association, joins with Investor Platform Coinvestor to drive investment transparency

In August 2020 the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) launched their new ‘fee principles’ designed to bring industry standardisation and transparency on the presentation of managers fees for investors and investees

In conjunction with leading digital platform for tax efficient products, CoInvestor, the EIS Association now announce the launch of an online industry calculator to reinforce fee transparency, enabling users to calculate and understand costs from one fund to another.

The calculator simplifies the EIS advice and research process by looking at a 5-year investment period and giving advisers the means to:

– Easily calculate total expense ratios across different managers

– Identify who will be paying the fees i.e. the investor or portfolio company

– Determine how much of the investor’s subscription will be eligible for tax relief

Chris Sandfield, Chief Executive of CoInvestor said ‘We were delighted to be able to develop this in conjunction with the EIS Association for the EIS industry. It is an important step forward in increasing transparency and we are certain it will help advisers to give their clients the right advice on the choice of EIS Funds.’

Martin Fox who has chaired the fee project for EISA said: ‘We were delighted CoInvestor offered to develop the fee calculator to support our initiative on the transparency of fees. We believe the EIS market is seriously undersold, both as an investment, for the support that it offers to exciting young businesses, as well as the generous tax reliefs that it offers. We welcome this development as we believe that these new levels of transparency will encourage more advisers to offer these products to their clients.’

‘We are very grateful to the EIS managers that took part in the development stage of this project and would now encourage the rest of the industry to join them in making their fees accessible on the CoInvestor platform.’

Notes to Editors:

Contact: Martin Fox: Martin.Fox@bulletin.co.uk

Details of the Fee Principles available at: https://eisa.org.uk/news/fees-transparency/

Calculator detail available from: Martin.Fox@bulletin.co.uk

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